Monday, October 22, 2007

Velvet Lounge Oct '07

The latest run of shows could not have ended on a better note. (Yes, pun intended. . . and Yes, so lame) Down at the Velvet Lounge, " Poetry Lounge " (coincidence? ? ?) and myself performed for a crew of listeners, that were not only the best looking (must be something in Mt. Lawley water), but also the most easy going and comfort inducing people I've seen in a while. . . Many bleary eyed punters (thanks to the Rugby World Cup Finals ending at 5am), were either drowning their sorrows or celebrating the much needed (to increase the size of their/our egos) victory to South Africa.

Thanks to all the cool venues that keep giving us musos shelter from the storm.

More importantly -

Much love and thanks to the familiar faces I keep seeing show after show and of course a gracious welcome to the new listeners. Looking forward to seeing more of you soon. (I know someone's gonna make a dirty joke out of that last comment - bring it on)

More shows are scheduled for December/January, in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and hopefully many more cities around our beautiful country.

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K, I'm off to hibernate and write some new tunes ! !



PS: Got something to say? ? ? I wanna hear it ! ! !
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mojos Bar

Man, what a cool night. . . Being surrounded by a great bunch of people, with larger than life personalities, turned this Wednesday night gig at Mojos into one of my personal favourites. . . If ever I awake into a “Ground Hog Day”, there’d be no competition as to which day I’d want. Thanks for being so awesome. And of course – best of luck to the Bokke. . .

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hyde Park Hotel

A New Zealender who doesn't know a thing about rugby, a Canadian blues & roots addict - the only person cool enough to dance, a Scottish folk artist who sometimes sounds Scottish, at other times sounds Australian, and a girl who thought it was appropriate to pinch my butt whenever she felt like it (Can you guess who's who from the pics? ? ?). . . Seems this run of Perth shows has heaps to offer all those involved. I'm looking forward to the rest of this week! ! !

PS: You're forgiven, I have a nice butt! ! !

Sunday, October 14, 2007


From rappers, to deputy principals and motorhead look-a-likes,
The Balmoral had more than its fair share of colourful characters
on display. Certainly a place to venture back to, to play some tunes
enjoy the scenery and chat to the locals. . . Sunday Summer sessions
are on the way. See you all back there in December.